Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 8/27/03 4:00-7:00pm

*Highlights for me were Waitresses and Destroy All Monsters. Also Articles of Faith, the Neighborhoods
*Lots of newer stuff was played at the end of the show
*Dragon City is a good new band from Philadelphia
*I'm going to see Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night.

artist - song - release (label)

Janisay Music - Selection - s/t (Social Registry)
We Ragazzi - I Want You To Love Me So Much I Can't Stand Up - The Ache (SSF)
Pig, Cat, and Co. W - Car Starter - Misery Loves Company (Ersatz)
Bardo Pond - Night of Frogs - 1979-1983 (ATP)
Bauhaus - In the Flat Field - 1979-1983 (Beggars)

The Control Group - Permanent Summer - Humiliator (Progeria)
Astrid Oto - At the Search and Destroy Party - s/t (No Idea)
Converge - title track - When Forever Comes Crashing (Equal Vision)
Safety Scissors vs. Kid Clayton - selection - CD (Carpark)
Lapse - I Vow For Now - Heaven Ain't Happenin (Southern)
Consonant - Dumb Joy - Love and Affliction (Fenway)

Devendra Banhart - Hey Miss Cane - Oh Me Oh My (Young God)
Bride of No No - Piano One - s/t (Atavistic)
Fairport Convention - Crazy Man Michael - Liege and Lief (A&M)
Waitresses - The Comb - Akron compilation (Stiff)
Destroy all Monsters - Meet the Creeper - Split LP w/Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Fun!)

Kinks - Till the End of the Day - Kink Kontroversy (Castle)
Skull Kontrol - Satan is Jesus to Me - Deviate Beyond all Means of Capture (Touch & Go)
Articles of Faith - Hollow Eyes - Give Thanks (Reflex)
Navio Forge - Manufactured Images - As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into... (Shadowcatcher)
Heroin - This TIme - CD (Gravity)
Hell No - Consequence - 7" (Wardance)

Contortions - Roving Eye - Buy (ZE)
Badfinger - Get Down - No Dice (Apple)
The Neighborhoods - No Place Like Home - DIY: Mass Ave (Rhino)
Mo-Dettes - White Mice - UK Pop II (Rhino)
Whoodini - Magic's Wand - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack vol. 4 (Epic)
Black Eyes - Deformative - s/t (Dischord)

White Flag w/ J.S.M. - You Got Me - Soundtrack to Despearate Teenage Lovedolls (Gastanba)
Excels - Let's Dance - Desperate Rock and Roll vol. 4 compilation (Kawana)
The Starvations - Hide and Go Seek - Get Well Soon (GSL)
Pinhead Gunpowder - Future Daydream - Jump Salty (Lookout!)
Lenningrad Sandwich - We Will Rise - Dig This compilation (NUM)

Outrageous Cherry - Girl You Have Magic Inside You - Supernatural Equinox ()
Les Georges Leningrad - Princer - Deux Hot Dogs Montarde Chou (Fuse)
Dragon City - Sleeper - Shy To Lay About (s/r)
Aspic - Dam1L - Perhl label sampler


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 8/13/03 4:00-7:00pm

*Residents, Non, and 7 Seconds were played by request.
*Great new stuff from Bardo Pond

Animal Collective - Too Soon - Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
Bedhead - Disorder - EP (Trance)
Arco Flute Foundation - The Mean Egyption - Everything After the Bomb is Sci-Fi (Cenotaph)
Neko Case - Deep Red Bells - Blacklisted (Bloodshot)
David Axelrod - Crystal Ball - s/t (Mo Wax)
The Rapture - Killing - Eplit EP w/ the Juan McLean (DFA)

Kill Me Tomorrow - title track - Skin's Getting Weird (GSL)
Marc Riley with the Creepers - Goin' Rate - Karts n' All (In Tape)
Daniel Johnston - I Save Cigarette Butts - Early Recordings Vol. 1 (Dualtone)
Residents - Walter Westinghouse - Fingerprince (EST)
Polyphonic Spree - Soldier Girl - s/t (Good)

The Only Ones - Loves of Today - Special View (CBS)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Another World - Blank Generation (Sire)
Rye Coalition - Digital Crucifix - Lipstick Game (Gern)
Swiz - Toon - No Punches Pulled (Jade Tree)
Dictators - Faster and Louder - Blood Brothers (Asylum)
The Dicks - Off-Duty Sailor - 1980-1986 (Alternative Tentacles)

7 Seconds - 99 Red Balloons - Walk Together Rock Together (Positive Force)
Runaways - Wasted - Waiting Gor the Night (Polygram)
Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants - To Mega Terion (Combat)
Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb - Aftermath (BMI)
Billy Childish - Of Violence and Solitude - Hunger at the Moon (SFTRI)
Rubber City Rebels - Paper Doll - s/t (Capital)

Karl Hendrix Trio - Charles Dukowski Was Confused - Jerk Wins Again (merge)
Clikitat Ikatowi - DNA Timebomb - Orchestrated and Conducted By (Gravity)
Roxy Music - Amazona - Stranded (Atco)
Brian Eno and David Byrne - Mea Culpa - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Sire)
Vladimir Ussachovsky and Otto Luening - Incantations for Tape - An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music (Sub Rosa)

Bardo Pond - Enemy Man - On the Ellipse (ATP)
Burmese - Ladykiller - A Mere Shadow.. (Tumult)
Non - and if you will, remember - Blood and Flame (Mute)

Swirlies - Rare Moment - Cats of the Wild Vol. 2 (Bubble CorE)
Neu! - Isi - Neu 75 (Astrelwerks)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Why are We Sleeping - Introducing (Mercury)
Polysics - Making Sense - Neu (Asian Man)
Tora! Tora! Torance! - Another Drink to Your Health - A Cynic's Nightmare (Milita Group)

Chocolate Watchband - Sweet Young Thing - Nuggets compilation (Rhino)

Bardo Pond

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 8/6/03 4:00-7:00pm

*Bubble Puppy played by request
*I brought in a bunch of small records
*I like the new Sightings CD
*Love as Laughter = pretty underrated band
*R.I.P. Exploding Hearts

Colin Newman - Life on Deck - A-Z (Resless)
Oval - Line Extension - Diskout 94 (Thrill Jockey)
P.I.L. - Death Disco - Greagest Hits So Far (Virgin)
selections form the Low Noise Quality Tape CD
Usurp Synapse - Whip - 6" (Level-Plane)
True North - It's 3am, Do You Know WHere Your Ballot Is? - split 7" w/Red Scare (Sound Virus)
Sightings - White Keys - Absolutes (Load)

Black Dice - Cone Toaster - Cone Toaster 12" (DFA)
Lung Leg - Krayola - Split 7" w/ Make Up (Southern)
Chapterhouse - Need - Freefall EP (Deidicated)
Love as Laughter - It's Only Lena - People Haters (K)
Volcano Suns - It's A Conspiracy - Thing of Beauty (SST)

Portastatic - Naked Pilseners - I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle (Merge0
Nomads - My Little Ruby - raw and Rare (EStrus)
Jack Oblivian - 2000 Men - American Slang (SFTRI)
Computer Cougar - Too much - Rough Notes on High Stress EP (Gern)
Girl At Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast - Pleasure EP (Vinyl Japan)
Glass Candy - Crystal Migraine - Split 7" w/ Subtonix (TMU)

Exploding Hearts - Boulevard Trash - Guitar Romantic (Dirtnap)
Teenage Fanclub - The Concept - Bandwagonesque (DGC)
Big Boys - Complete Control - Skinny Elvis CD (T & Go)
Minutemen - Monuments - Punch Line (SST)
Wipers - Wait a Minute - Is This Real? LP (Park Avenue)
Misfits - Horror Business - Box Set (Caroline)

Assfactor 4 - Robots - Smoked Out 7" (Old Glory)
Negative Approach - Live Your Life - Total Recall (T & Go)
Dream Syndicate - That's What You Always Say - Days of Wine and Roses
Emory Swank - Airplane - 7" (Pinkie)
String Quartet Tribute to Slayer - War Ensemble - The Evil You Dread (Vitamin)
Comets on Fire - Let's Take it All the Way Down - s/t (Alt. Tent)

Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a 17-year Old Girl (You Forgot it in People (paper Bag)
No Knife - The Red Bedroom - Riot For Romance (Better Looking)
Residents - Epilogue - Not Available (Ralph)
400 Years - Signal - 7" (Yuletide)
Melt Banana - Get The Thread Back - 666 6" (Level-Plane)
Greyhouse - Taking Gate/ Officer - Split 7" w/ Dahlia Seed (TMU)

Eastern Dark - Julie is a Junkie - Austailian Underground comp (Feel)
Jam - David Watts - Snap!
Archers of Loaf - Bed in Front - Icky Mettle (Alias)
Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Devil's Egg - Devil's Egg EP (No Idea)
Beat Happening - Crashing Through - Jamboree (K)

Black Elf Speaks - Creation Story - Elvish Presley (Blub)
Bubble Puppy - Beginning - A GAthering of Promises (Get back)
FM Knives - Any Other Day - Useless and Modern (Broken)

Hot Snakes - Let it Come - Automatic Midnight (Swami)

Hot Snakes

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