Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 4/9/03 4:00-7:00pm

Nation of Ulysses, Plasmatics, Vexers, Residents, Jesus and Mary Chain were requests.

artist - song - release (label)

Converge - Bitter and then Some/Heaven in Her Arms - Jane Doe (Equal Vision)
Exclaim - Wild Youth - Critical Exploder LP (Sound Pollution)
Trapdoor Fucking Exit - New Spark - s/t (No Idea)
Gogogoairheart - Who are the Young? - Split ELP with The 90 Day Men (Box Factory)
Nobukaza Jakemura - Mumble - 10th (Thrill Jockey)
Go Betweens - Too Much of One Thing - Bright Yellow Bright Orange (Jetset)

Bloodthirsty Lovers - Turning the World Upside Down - s/t (French Kiss)
Ikara Colt - At the Lodge - Chat and Business (Epitaph)
Nation of Ulysses - You’re My Miss Washington D.C. - 13 Point Program to Destroy America (Dischord)
Eno - Third Uncle - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (E.G.)
Plasmatics - Tight Black Pants - s/t (Stiff)
Vexers - Something Dirty s/t (Ace Fu)

Billy and the Boingers - I’m a Boinger - flexi disc from the Bloom County book .
Stiffs - Chelsea - 7” (Aluminum)
Residents - Spotted Pinto Bean - Meet the Residents (Ralph)
Ignition - Anger Means - State of the Union compilation (Dischord)
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Three Away - Smash Hits and Licks compliation (Dim Mak)
Turbonegro - Monkey on Your Back - Apolcalypse Dudes (Burning Heart)

Daevid Allen - Memories - Banana Moon (Get Back)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Pride of Man - s/t LP (Capitol)
Jesus and Mary Chain - The Living End - Psychocandy (Reprise)
Q and not U - So Many Animal Cells - Different Damage (Dischord)
Pylon - Sloganistic - Chain (Sky)
Nikki Sudden - All the Gold - Waiting on Egypt (Secretly Canadian)

The Verlaines - Jesus What a Jerk - Some Disenchanted Evening (Homestead)
Orthrelm - selection - Astristir Vieldroix (TMU)
Pel Mel - No Word From China - Sydney Post Punk # 2: Skewed Melody compilaion (no label -CDR)
Tie Reds - Gimme Conversation - Holy Crap it’s the Tie Reds (self - released)
Liasons Dangeresuses - Etre Assis ou Danser - s/t (Hit Thing)
Unwound - Anifreeze - s/t LP (Punk in My Vitamins)

Neon Hunk - My Unicor: My Ride/Hunkthrust - Smarmy Mob (Load)
23 Skidoo - Vegas El Bandito - Seven Songs (Ronin)
Tourettes Lautrec - Killer Queen - Dynamite On a Laser Beam compilation (31G)
Chris Brokaw - La Playa - split EP with Viva Las Vegas (Kimchee)
Holy Modal Rounders - Same Old Man - 1+2 (Fantasy)
Calexico - Close Behind - Feast of Wire (1/4 Stick)

(Young) Pioneers - Meeting Over Yonder - Now (Lookout!)
Echo and the Bunnymen - Crocodile - Crocodiles (Sire)
Spinanes - Spitfire - Manos (Sub Pop)
Entrance - Tommy Thumb’s Summertime Blues - The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm (Tiger Style)

Jesus Lizard - Mistletoe - Down (Touch and Go)

The Ikara Colt

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 4/2/03 4:00-7:00pm

I was pretty happy with this show. Lungfish, X, and JFA were requests.

A couple people called asking for more information about the Assistant. Here is their website.

Some new stufff that I like - Neon Hunk, Clone Defects, the Pitchfork CD Reissue, Vexers, Deerhoof

artist - song - release (label)

The Assistant - I Don’t Believe - s/t (Alone)
Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way - Ummagumma (Capitol)
Bride of No No - Vance - Bonn Apetit (Atavistic)
The Big Boys - Identity Crisis - The Skinny Elvis (Touch and Go)
Dow and the Industrials - Can’t Stand the Midwest - Bloodstains Across the Midwest (Bloodstains)
Clone Defects - Ain’t No New Buzz - Shapes of Venus (In the Red)

Michael Hurley - Werefolf - Blue Navigator (Rounder)
Smog - Driving - Supper (Drag City)
Tristeza - City of the Future (Dream Signals in Full Circle - Tiger Style
Amps for Christ - This Isn’t A Rebel - Electrosphere (Shrimper)
Lungfish - Sex War - Necrophones (Dischord)
Neil Young - Cortez the Killer - Live Rust (Reprise)

Henry’s Dress - “A” is for Cribbage - ep (Slumberland)
Glass Candy - Love Love Love - Love Love Love (TMU)
Contortions - Contort Yourself - Buy (ZE/Infinite Zero)
X - Johnny Hit and Run - Los Angeles (Slash)
Buzzcocks - Up For the Crack - s/t (Merge)
FM Knives - Automatic - Useless and Moodern (Broken)

Pitchfork - Drop Dead - Eucalyptus (Swami)
Song of Zarathustra - Shakes in Pain - Anew From High Tides (TMU)
Tragedy - The Unending Fight - Can We Call this Life (Tragedy)
Cro-Mags - It’s the Limit - The Age of Quarrel (Profile)
Exciter - Evil Sinner - Violence and Force (Megaforce)
Excelsior - title track - Can We Get Some Satisfaction Up In This Piece? (Buddy System)

Blondie - Look Good in Blue - s/t (Private Stock)
Kim Salmon and the Surrealists - Bellyful of Slugs - Hit Me With the Surreal Feel (In the Red)
Fatal Flying Guilloteens - Plus Non-Plussed - Get Knifed (Estrus)
Flamin’ Groovies - High Flyin’ Baby - s/t LP (Kama Sutra)
The Vexers - Sick Sick Sick - s/t (Ace Fu)
Firehose - Anger - if’n (SST)

The Clientele - Rain - All’s Fair in Love and Chickfactor (Enchante)
Deerhoof - Flower - Apple O (KRS)
JFA - I Want - Mad Garden EP (Placebo)
Cringer - Two Friends Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
Run DMC - Darryl and Joe - King of Rock (Arista)
Arab on Radar - Piggin’ in the Pumpkin Patch - Stolen Singles (31G)
Neon Hunk - Meowsns - Smarmy Mob (Load)
JR Ewing - Pre-Summertime Blues - Ride Paranoia (GSL)
Ff - Killing Me - Lady Shoe (Double Deuce)

Bassholes - Virginia Valley Blues - When My Blue Moon Turns Red Again (In the Red)

Michael Hurley

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