Thursday, March 27, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 3/26/03 4:00-7:00pm

MANY of these were requests, for some reason the phone was ringing off the hook today!
Finally we got our dirty fingers on the Nuggets comp. Also that His Hero Is Gone record, which is the sickness.

All the Born Against stuff is now reissued on Kill Rock Stars, check it out.
Check out this cool Born Against page.

Looking forward to seeing the Aislers Set tomorrow in Philly, though bummed I missed out on the Turbonegro show.

artist - song - release (label)

Rachel Sweet - Truckstop Queen - Akron compilation (Stiff)
The Elastik Band - Spazz - Nuggets comp (Rhino)
Holly Golightly - Card Table - Singles Roundup (Damaged Goods)
Casino Versus Japan - Summer Clip - Numbers Play the Basics (Carpark)
Retsin - Loon - Egg Fusion (Simple Machines)
Cat Power - He War - You Are Free (Matador)

Forcefield - #74 - Roggoboggas (Load)
Godz - Na Na Na - Contact High (ESP)
Spacemen 3 - Revolution - Playing With Fire (Bomp)
Thee Sparkling Canaries - The Last Side of Town - Life-Like Homes (Scat)
Agent Orange - Bloodstains - Living in Darkness (Posh Boy)
Screamers - I'm a Mensch - In A Better World (Xeroid)
Orthrelm - selections - Astristic Vi (TMU)

American Soul Spiders - Physical War - s/t 7" (SFTRI)
Polvo - My Kimono - Today's Active Lifestyles (Merge)
Aislers Set - Melody No Malaise - How I Learned to Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind - Operators Manual (IRS)
Subhumans - Rain - From the Cradle to the Grave (Bluurgh!)
Fatal Flying Guilloteens - Safety in Numbers - Get Knifed (Estrus)
Mekons - Last Dance - Fear and Whiskey (Quarterstick)

Born Against - Janelle - Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure (Vermiform)
Melt Banana - About / Neck on B1 - 666 6" (Level-Plane)
His Hero Is Gone - Like Weeds - Monuments to Thieves (Prank)
Turbonegro - Self-Destructo Bust - Apocalypse Dudes (Burning Heart)
Make Up - (Here Comes) The Judge - Afterdark (Dischord)

Late Night Television - I Wish This Was Funny - A Personal Account of How I Failed at Everything (Route 14)
The Clean - Someone - Anthology (Merge)
Three Mile Pilot - Nussun - Songs From an Old Town We Once Knew (Headhunter)
Dock Boggs - Sugar Baby - Classic Mountain Songs comp (Smithsonian Folkways)
Losse Fur - Laminated Cat - s/t (Drag City)
Lightning Bolt - On Fire - Wonderful Rainbow (Load)

Beat Happening / Screaming Trees - Sea Babies - EP (Homestead)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang - Split LP with Ron Asheton's Destroy All Monsters (Fun!)
Skull Kontrol - Witch Laughter - Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture (Touch and Go)
Oxes - Fallopian Boobs - Oxes / Arab on Radar mock split 10" EP (Wantage)
Liasons Dangerouses - Mystere Dans le Brouillard - s/t (Hit Thing)

Blood Brothers -I Know Where the Canaries and the Crows Go - Burn, Piano Island, Burn (Artist Direct)


Sunday, March 23, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 3/19/03 4:00-7:00pm

Cat Power, Superchunk, Luscious Jackson, and My Dad is Dead were requests.
I probably should be playing the new Go-Betweens album, but I've been so into their early stuff. I think the Wynona Riders are great.
I had just seen a rerun of a Pete and Pete episode featuring Luscious Jackson, it incredible. Luscious Jackson was playing at a middle school dance and Iggy Pop (who plays Nona's father) was a chaperone.

artist - song - release (label)

Alex Chilton - I Can Dig It - Lost Decade (Fan Club)
Can - Titamin C - Ege Banyasi (Spoon/Mute)
GZA - Fame - Legend of the Liquid Sword (MCA)
The User - Track 11 - Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printer (Asphodel)
The Ex - Frenzy - Starters Alternators (Touch and Go)
Gary Wilson - It's So Sad to Be Alone - Forgotten Lovers (Motel)

Karp - Deuling Banshees - Moustaches Wild (K)
Dickies - You Drive Me Wild (You Big Gorilla) - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (A&M)
Hose Got Cable - Occupatus - s/t (Old Glory)
Scenic - Light Speed - The Acid Gospel Experience (Hidden Agenda)
Cat Power - Good Woman - You Are Fire (Matador)
Vaselines - You Think You're A Man - The Way of... (SubPop)

Wynona Riders - Drownded - J.D. Salinger - (Lookout!)
Ted Leo / Rx - The Ballad of the Sin Eaters - Heart of Oak (Lookout!)
My Dad is Dead - One Million Questions - Everybody Wants the Honey But Not the Sting (Emporer Jones)
Safety Scissors vs. Kid Clayton - selection - Ping Pong EP (Carpark)
The Take - Summer - Can't Stop It compilation of Austrailian post-punk (Chapter)
Joy Divison - Transmission - The Complete BBC Recordings (Fuel 2000)

Bill Withers - Take it All and Check it Out - Still Bill (Columbia)
Au Pairs - Love Song - Playing With the Opposite Sex (Human)
The Go-Betweens - By Chance - Before Hollywood (Homestead)
Fred Frith / Henry Kaiser - Twisted Memories Give Way to the Angry Moment - With Friends Like These (Metal Language)
Mr. Scruff - Shelf Wobbler - Trouser Jazz (Ninja Tune)
Superchunk - Garlic - Tossing Seeds (Merge)

The Dirty 3 - Stranger - She Has No Strings, Apollo (Touch and Go)
Luscious Jackson - Daughters of the Kaos - In Search of Manny (Grand Royal)
OOIOO - Sister 001 (eYe remix) - s/t CD (KRS)
selection from "Shooting Pool with a Piece of Rope and Other Delights" CD
Black Top - Mojo Kitty - Mojo Kitty 7" ( In the Red)

Briefs - Outer Space Doesn't Care About You - Off the Charts
P.I.L. - Foddertompf - 1st Edition (Virgin)
Hope, Star, and Browning - We'll Make It Somehow - split 7" with Sparks Fly From a Kiss (Low City)
Tall Dwarfs - Big Brain of the Week 0 The Sky Above, the Mud Below (Carrot Top/Flying Nun)
Jim White - Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi No Such Place (Luaka Bop)

Germs - The Other Newest One - GI (slash)

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 3/12/03 4:00-7:00pm

artist - song - release (label)

Techno Animal - Sub Species - Brotherhood of the Bomb (Matador)
Camera Obscura - Trigger System - To Change the Shape of an Envelope (TMU)
Liasons Dangereuses - El Macho Y La Nocha - s/t (Hot Thing)
Azita - Birds - Enantiodromia (Drag City)
Cabaret Voltaire - Wait and Shuffle - Live in Sheffield 19 Jan 82 (Paradox)
Bonnie Prince Billy - Even if Love - Master and Everyone (Drag City)

No Trend - Without Me - Tritonian Nash (Touch & Go)
Iconoclast - Silence - CD (Ebullition / Old Glory)
Dave Kunsworth - Into My Arms - 50,000 Glass Fans Can’t Be Wrong (Glass)
Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue - Black Light - Bitterness, Spite, Rage, ad Scorn (In the Red)
April March and the Makers - Try to Cry - s/t (Sympathy)
Black Dice - Seabird - Beaches and Canyons (DFA)

The Soledad Brothers - Break em on Down - Live (Dim Mak)
Combatwoundedveteran - 15 Minues on a Forklift - Duck Down for the Torso (No Idea)
Pageninetynine - Your Face is a Rape Scene - Document #8 (Robotic Empire)
Muslimgauze - Noose of Gold Silk - Jaa Ab Dullah (Soileil Moon)
Sun City Girls - Blue Mamba / Tarmac 23 - Torch of the Mystics (Tupelo)
David Thomas - Runaway - Surf’s Up! (Thirsty Ear)

Nikki Sudden - Bethelehem Castle - The Bible Belt (Secretly Canadian)
King Crimson - Great Deceiver - Starless and Bible Black (EG)
Let's Active - Every Word Means No - Afoot EP (IRS)
Chrome Cranks - Way-outlover - Oily Cranks (Atavistic)
Townes Van Zandt - Marie - Absolutely Nothing (Normal)
Hot Snakes - Salton City - Automatic Midnight (Swami)

Bobby Conn - I Love You - Science in the Shape off Birds compilationo (Toyo)
JR Ewing - Sweet - Ride Paranoia (GSL)
Lincoln - Sugarloaf - s/t 7” (Art Monk)
The Van Pelt - Everything’s All Right - Split 7” with the Young Pioneers (Whirled)
Sunshine - The Doll and the Midnight Sushi - split 7” with No Knife (Filler/Jetblack)
The Homosexuals - My Night Out - Homosexual’s Record (Recommended)

Tubeway Army - Oh! Didn’t I Say - The Plain (Beggar’s Banquet)
Redd Kross - Love is You - Neurotica (Big Time)
Cupid Car Club - M.P. Skulkers - Rock Stars Kill comp (KRS)
Pain Teens - The Dead Cannot - Stimulation Festival (Trance Syndicate)
Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier - Kings of the Wild Frontier (Epic)
The Miss - In My Kitchen - The Ride EP (Bloodie)
Speedking - Sway - The Fist and the Laurels (Tigerstyle)

Faith - What's Wrong With Me - Split with CD with Void (Dischord)

pg.99 broke up.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 3/5/03 4:00-7:00pm

Thanks to Palomar for coming down and playing on the show. It was a lot of fun. Also thanks to Dan R. for engineering the thing.

The Monochrome Set was by request.
New stuff that's cool - Aislers Set, Rye Coalition, Antipop Consortium, Glass Candy

artist - song - release (label)

Flamin’ Groovies - Shake Some Action - Slow Death (Norton)
The Coachwhips - Couldn’t Find Love - Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (Narnack)
Crescent - Desert Rose - Electronic Sounds Constructions (Atavistic)
Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater - Brittle Woman - Love Love Love (TMU)
Pylon - Beep - Hits (db)
Antipop Consortium - Real is Surreal - Antipop vs. Matthew Shipp (Thirty Ear)
The Molls - White Stains - Killed By Death vol.5 compilation

Monsula - Wither - Sanitize (Lookout)
Gray Matter - Chutes and Ladders - Take it Back (Dischord)
The Aislers Set - Mission Bells - How I Learned to Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
The Stranglers - Grip ‘89 - Peaches: The Very Best of the Stranglers (Capital)
TSOL - Other Side - Beneath the Shadows (Alt. Tentacles)
The Verlaines - Pyromaniac - Juvenilia (Homestead)
Erase Errata - Retreat, the Most Familiar, Extensive, I Be! - Split 3” CD w/ Numbers (tigerbeat6)
Big Bill Bronzy - Mule-Ridin’ Blues - Classic Blues compilation (Smithsonian Folkways)


Cheap Trick - Hot Love - s/t (Epic)
The Saints - No, Your Product - Eternally Yours (Sire)
Flin Flon - Kamloops - a-OK (Teenbeat)
Syd Barrett - Feel - The Madcap Laughs (Capital)
Reigning Sound - Reptile Style - Time Bomb High School (In the Red)
Gun Club - Ghost in the Highway - Fire of Love (Ruby)

The Lapse - Cell Yielding Cell - Heaven Ain’t Happenin’ (Southern)
Raincoats - Dancing in my Head - Odyshape (Rough Trade)
Roky Erickson - You’re an Unidentified Flying Object - Never Say Goodbye (Emporer Jones)
Shooting Pool with a Piece of Rope and Other Delights CD - selections
Scene Creamers - Session Man - I Suck on that Emotion (Drag City)
Blumfeld - Jet Set - 7” (Big Cat)

Consonant - Buckets of Flowers, Porno Mags - s/t (Fenway)
Feelies - Loveless Love - Crazy Rhythms (A&M)
Monochrome Set - Jacobs Ladder - Jacbs Ladder (Warner)
Jawbreaker - Rich - Etc. (Blackball Records)
New York Dolls - Jet Boy - s/t (Polygram)
Thundertrain - Hell Tonight - Teenage Suicide (Gulcher)

Modern Lovers - Dignified and Old - s/t (Polygram)
The Apes - The Midnight Raiders - Street Warz (Planaria)
The Clean - At the Bottom - Anthology (Merge)

Rye Coalition - Communication Breakdance - Jersey Girls (Tiger Style)

Palomar in the WPRB studios (thanks for the pics Dr. Cosmo).

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