Friday, February 28, 2003

Don't forget to tune in next week - Wednesday 3/5 at 5:00 pm - Live music from Palomar!

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 2/26/03 4:00-7:00pm

So much of this stuff is new. Finally we get sent Will Oldham records! The Ramones were by request.

I continue to find cool Fairport Convention spin-off records to play, Sandy Denny was this week's find. Robert Wyatt is amazing. That Byrds song was great.

I played maybe too many long songs? I lost interest in the Cul de Sac and the Brother JT song almost lost me too.

artist - song - release (label)

Maximillion Colby - Last Name - Discography (Lovitt)
Laddio Bolocko - As If By Remote - The Life and Time of... (No Quarter)
Vogel - Bottle Train - Recommended Records Sampler compilation (ReR)
Mark Arm - Masters of War - The Freewheelin Mark Arm 7" (Sub Pop)
Bonnie Prince Billy - Maundering - Master one Everyone (Drag City)
Soledad Brothers - Going Back to Memphis - Live (Dim Mak)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - title track - Bigger Cages Longer Chains (Burning Heart)
The Chesterfield Kings - Satisfaction Guaranteed - s/t (Mirror)
Guitar Wolf - Alcohol Ace - UFO Romantics (Narnack)
Ramones - I’ts A Long Way Back to Germany - Rocket to Russia (Rhino)
Manta Ray - Asalto - Extratexa (Acualero)
Cul de Sac - Turok, Son of Stone - Death of the Sun (Strange Attractors)

Robert Wyatt - Sea Song - Rock Bottom (Virgin)
Sandy Denny - The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood - Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Hannibal)
The Go-Betweens - Make Her Day - Bright Yellow Bright Orange (Jetset)
Brother JT - Cloud Ten - Way to Go (Drag City)

Palomar - Lesion - II (Self-Starter Foundation)
The Clocks - Sleep Hurts - s/t 7” (Trackstar)
Moving Units - X and Y - s/t EP (Palm Pictures)
The Fluid - Tomorrow - Tritop Toy 7” (Sub Pop)
1.6 Band - Cancer in My Backyard - Broke Up (Gern Blandsten)
Aislers Set - Catherine Says - How I Learned to Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
Rye Coalition - Paradise By the Marlboro Light - Jersey Girls (Tiger Style)

Byrds - What’s Happening - The Fifth Dimension (Columbia)
Bill Withers - Use Me - Still (Columbia)
Etta Baker - One Dime Blues - Classic Blues (Smithsonian Folkways)
Bitter Bitter Weeks - These Thoughts They Haunt me Still (Bigger Lovers Cover) - Live on WPRB 10/30/02
Pram - Penny Arcade - Dark Island (Merge)
Six Finger Satellite - Sea of Tranquility - Law of Ruins (Sub Pop yet again, doh)

Dungpump - Crazy Steel Voices - It’s in the Water Compilation (Blatant)
Fin Fang Foom - Blood and Iron - s/t 7” (Tritone)
The Rogers Sisters - I Don’t Want to Have to Live and Die Like a Dog - Purely Evil (TMU)
Beehive and the Baracuddas - A Road in Sinoloa - Plastic Soul (Swami)
The Gits - Seaweed - Seafood Louisville (Broken)
Friction - Subsequently - Slurred (Allied)
Fat Day - Sex on Drugs - Poop 7” (100% Breakfast)

Rites of Spring - Deeper Than Inside - s/t LP (Dischord)

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 2/19/03 4:00-7:00pm

Requests - Pavement, Non, Boredoms
Brand new relases of note - Azita, Lightning Bolt
New Reissues of note - The Clean, Turbonegro

"Why do American punk rock boys always go out with the American new wave hooker girls?
I don't know. I don't like it."

"I'm not a musical maniac or b-boy fanatic
I simply made use of what was upstairs in the attic"

"The operation is inhuman yet we fashion it after ourselves.
Geared to serve you better, geared for a reflex."

artist - song - release (label)

Azita - Better End in Time - Enantiodromia (Drag City)
Uzi - Collections - Sleep Asylum (Homestead)
Jake Mandell - Beartrap! - Wanna Buy a Craprak (Carpark)
Richard and Linda Thompson - Night Comes In - Pour Down Like Silver (Island)
Sunny Murray - Giblet - s/t (ESP)

Lake of Dracula - Biographers of the Flaming Druglords - CD (Skin Graft)
The Vibrators - The Day They Caught the Killer - Guilty (Anagram)
The Clean - Fish - Anthology (Merge)
Seaweed - Taxing - Weak (Sub Pop)
The Volcano Suns - Brother Superior - Farced (SST)
Scared of Chaka - December - How to Lose (Empty)

Townes Van Zandt - Where I Lead Me - Absolutely Nothing (Normal)
H.P. Zinker - Mirror - Perseverance (Thrill Jockey)
Lightning Bolt - Assasins - Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
Shotmaker - Uninhibited - Discog 2xCD (TMU)
Sunshine - Adventures with Her Stereo - Velvet Suicide (Big Wheel Recreation)
The Pop Group - We Are Time - Postpunk Chronicles (Rhino)

Colin Newman - Safe - Not To (4AD)
Johnny Thunders - Endless Party - Que Sera, Sera (Jungle)
The Jam - In the City - Snap! (Polydor)
Hawkwind - Kings of Speed - Warrior on the Edge of Time (Atco)
EPMD - Strictly Business - Out of Business (Def Jam)
Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded - History of Rap Vol.1 Comp (Ktel)

Radio Alarm Clocks - Tick Tock Man - s/t (After Hours)
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer - Young, Loud, and Snotty (Sire)
Turbonegro - Imorgen Skal Eg Daane - Ass Cobra (Burning Heart)
  or as the song is introduced, "Tomorrow I'll Be Dead Because I Went Out With A New Wave Girl Even Though I Was A Norwegian Punk Rocker"
Monarchs - Wanted Man - Singles Vol.1 collection (Bulb)
Pavement - In the Mouth of a Desert (live) - Slanted and Enchanted Redux (Matador)
Astrid Oto - Poor, Poor - s/t (No Idea)
Lftr Pllr - Star Wars Hips - Soft Rock (SSF)

Lee Hazlewood - Am I that Easy to Forget? - Cowboy and the Lady (Smells Like)
King Louie One Man Band - Hunt the Wumpus - Jesus Loves My One Man Band (Extra Ball)
Non - Only One - Blood and Flame (Mute)
Boredoms - Sure Ae - Super Ae (Birdman)
Heroin - Moving Parts - CD (Gravity)

Skull Kontrol - In a Different Cage - zzzzz.... (Touch and Go)

So I'm the worst photographer in the world, mainly because I hate being that guy pushing a camera in front of everyone faces and blinding the innocent with flash bulbs. But with the magic of Photoshop I can at least cut out all the heads and backpacks that snuck into my show photos. Here are some flicks of True North from their show at the First Unitarian Church with the Blood Brothers.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 2/12/03 4:00-7:00pm

Requests - Dinosaur Jr., Suicide, Mission of Burma

I really like the recent reissued Henry Flynt material, and the new Scene Creamers CD. The B People and The Freeze were good finds.

Read about Clear Channel.

artist - song - release (label)

Pussy Galore - Walk - Pussy Gold 5000 (Buy Our Records)

The Feud - XYR Fingers For the Young Ghost Allegiance - Language is Technology (Insidious Plot Audio)
The Go-Betweens - Your Turn, My Turn - Send Me a Lullaby (Rough Trade)
Pram - Leenard - Dark Island (Merge)
Henry Flynt - Echo Rock - Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. 2 (Locust)
Johnny Cash - The Caretaker - Songs of our Soil (Columbia)
Dan Melchior’s Broke Review - Hungry Ghost - Bitterness, Spite, Rage, and Scorn (In the Red)

Shudder to Think - Love Catastrophe - Get Your Goat (Dischord)
Savage Republic - The Ivory Coast - Tragic Figures (?)
The Freeze - Nazi Farm - Land of the Lost (Modern Method)
No Trend - Without Me - Tritonion Nash - Vegas Polyesther Complex (Touch & Go)
D4 - Pirate Love [Johnny Thunders cover]- 6Twenty (Flying Nun)
Judas Priest - Electric Eye - Screaming for Vengeance (Columbia)

Gravitar - Catadrine - Now the Road of Knives (Charnel)
Steeleye Span - Cam Ye O’er Frae France - Parcel of Rogues (Crysalis)
Get Hustle - Tropic of Capricorn - Earth Odyssey (5RC)
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides - After the Fact (IRS)
Sham 69 - Family Life - Tell Us the Truth (Sire)
Dirtbombs - Fox Box - Horndog Fest (In the Red)

[Rye Coalition ticket giveaway]
Rye Coalition - Lipstick Game - Lipstick Game (Gern)
Dinosaur Jr. - Yeah, We Know - Bug (SST)
The VSS - Chemical in Chemistry - Nervous Circuits (Honey Bear)
The Asteroid #4 - Visitation Rights - Introducing... (Lounge)
John Cale - Memphis - Animal Justice (Illegal)
Boys from Nowhere - Walk a Fine Line - Cyclone Death Machine (Glitterhouse)

The Reatards - I’m Gonna Break Down - Grown Up Fucked Up (Empty)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Dead Voices - Hearts of Oak (Lookout)
The Teeth - That’s Why - s/t (s/r)
Wolf Eyes - Dead Hills II - Dead Hills (TMU)
Pitchblende - In the Flat Field - 7” (Cargo)
Suicide - Fast Money Music - s/t [1982] (Antilles)

Allergic to Whores - Breath of Life - Cle Punk Vol. 1 compilation (Smog Veil)
Scream - Iron Curtain - This Side Up (Dischord)
Mission of Burma - Red - Signals, Calls, and Marches EP (Ace of Hearts)
The Miss - Vast Deference - 7” (Morpheus)

Regulator Watts - Ballad of St. Tinnitus - The Aesthetics of No Drag (Slowdime)
Meat Puppets - Aurora Borealis/The Whistling Song - II (SST)
The B People - You at Eight - Petrified Conditions 1979-1981 (Restless)
Nova Mob - Shoot Your Way to Freedom - 7” (Toutine)

Scene Creamers - Bag, Inc. - I Suck on that Emotion (Drag City)


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

You can find "Best of 2002" lists from WPRB DJ's here. Check back for updates.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 2/5/03 4:00-7:00pm

Requests - The Walkmen, Kristen Hersh, Killing Joke
My Highlights - 13th Floor Elevators, Procol Harum, Melt Banana, This Heat, Dead Moon.
My Lowlights - The fact that my brain wasn't working so well.

artist - song - release (label)

13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House - s/t (Int’l Artists)
The La De Das - How is the Air Up There? - Nuggets II: Disc 1 (Rhino)
Rizzudo - 17th Street - s/t (Moodswing)
Circle - Kultaa - Raunio (Squealer)
Dolly Parton - The Bargain Store - Best of... (RCA)

Gary Wilson - You Took Me On a Walk Into My Mirror - Forgotten Lovers (Motel)
Kinski - Semaphone - Air Above Your Station (SubPop)
Dead Moon - Ricochet - Trash & Burn (Empty)
Cigarettes - They’re Broke Again, Here They Come - Back to Front Vol.2 comp (Incognito)
Radon - Wash Away - We Bare All (No Idea)
Angel Hair - Lazy Eye - Split 7” w/ Bare Minimum (Titanic)

Fireballs of Freedom - Pint Box - Total Blowout (Estrus)
Tuscadero - Holidays R Hell - Step into My Wiggle Room (Teenbeat)
The Walkmen - Look out the Window - Split CD w/ Calla (TMU)
Orchid - Le Desorde, C’est Moi - Chaos is Me (Ebullition)
Tragedy - Life? - Can We Call this Life? 7” (self-released)
Hot Snakes - If Credit’s What Matters, I’ll Take Credit - Automatic Midnight (Swami)

Lung Leg - Maid to Minx - Maid to Minx (Southern)
Deception Bay - Days of Issue - Fortune Days EP (Independent Projects)
Waco Brothers - New Deal Blues - New Deal (Bloodshot)
The Cramps - You’re Got Good Taste - Smell of Female (Enigma)
This Heat - Health - Health and Efficiency (These)

Gong - Fohat Digs Holes in Space - Camembert Electronique (Get Back)
Procol Harum - Simple Sister - Best of... (A&M)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices - Screamin' the Blues (Red Lightning)
Moss Icon - Kick the Can - Lyburnum CD (Vermiform)
Bitter, Bitter Weeks - Water in the Basement - s/t (My Pal God)
The Replacements - Answering Machine - Let it Be (Twin/Tone)

Hvratski - Our Turn - Left Bank comp (Adhesive)
Kristen Hersh - Beestung - Hips and Makers (Sire)
Poison Idea - Deep Sleep - Feel the Darkness (American Leather)
Ivy Green - I’m Your Television - Whatever the Hype (Circo)
S.O.D. - Milk - Speak English or Die (Megaforce)

Thalia Zedek - Everything Unkind - You’re a Big Girl Now (Kimchee)
Killing Joke - Exit - What’s This For (EG)
Generation X - Your Generation - s/t (Crysalis)

Scott Ian autographed Adidas.

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