Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 1/29/03 4:00-7:00pm

Heavens to Betsy, Walkmen, Van Pelt were requests. I like Chisel more now than I did when they were still together and playing shows, I hate when that happens. This show was kinda dorky - not a whole lot of real rock stuff - but I enjoyed it.

artist - song - release (label)

Unrest - Cath Caroll - Perfect Teeth (Teenbeat)
Chisel - All my Kin - Set You Free (Gern Blandsten)
Hope, Star, and Browning - We’ll Make it Somehow - split 7” with Sparks Fly From a Kiss (Low City)
Cheater Slicks - In this Town - Refried Dreams (In the Red)
Kid Clayton vs. Safety Scissors - Wanna Buy a Craprak (Carpark)
Carla Bley - Nothing - Tropic Appetites (Watt)

Henry Flynt - Sky Turned Red - Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. 1 (Locust)
Mod Fun - A Minute Twenty - 90 Wardour St. (Midnight)
Signal to Trust - 100,000 Miles - Folklore (Modern Radio)
Fairport Convention - A Sailor’s Life - s/t LP (Carthage)
New Pornographers - Letter From an Occupant - Mass Romantic (Mint)

Spinanes - Stupid Crazy - Rock Stars Kill compilation(KRS)
Articles of Faith - Remain in Memory - In This Life (Lone Wolf)
The Proletariat - Options - This is Boston, Not LA comp (Wicked Disc)
Panthers - Panther is a Motherfucker - Are You Down? (TMU)
Roxy Music - H.B. - s/t (Reprise)
Heavens to Betsy - Decide - Calculated (KRS)

Jawbox - Spoiler - s/t (Atlantic)
Fat Day - Dari Bee - Poop 7” EP (100% Breakfast)
Orthrelm - In the Key of Rad - Split CD w/ Touchdown (TMU)
Holy Modal Rounders - Long John - 1+2 (Fantasy)
Soft Machine - Hibou Anenome and Bear - II (Command)
Calla - Monument -Televise (Arena Rock)

Scene Creamers - Session Man - I Suck on That Emotion (Drag City)
Cap’n Jazz - Puddle Splashers - Alphabetology (Jade Tree)
Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet - Special View (Epic)
Dillinger Four - Who Didn’t Kill Bambi - Versus God (Hopeless)
Trauma Queens - Loving You is Like Being on Fire - The Malevolent Sounds of...(Algebra II)
Pleased Youth - The Pain and the Sorrow - Dangerous Choo-Choo (Buy Our Records)

Crackerbash - Bandages - Tin Toy (Tragedy)
The Clash - Remote Control - s/t (Epic)
Mr. Scruff - Champion Mobile - Trouser Jazz (Ninja Tune)
Laddio Bolocko - Goat Lips - The Life and Times of... (No Quarter)
The Walkmen - We’ve Been Had - s/t (Star Time Int’l)

Oblivians - Don’t Haunt Me - Best of the Worst (SFTRI)
The Van Pelt - It’s a Suffering - Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves (Gern)
Big Star - Holocaust - 3rd (PVC)
Langley Schools Music Project - Rhiannon - Innocence and Despair (Bar None)
Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman - The Shape of Jazz to Come (Atlantic)

True North - Part Deux - We Speak in Code (No Idea)

Soft Machine

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 1/15/03 4:00-7:00pm

Blondie and Bill and Will were requests. Lots of compilation tracks this show! I was pretty happy with the Dream Syndicate, Robyn Hitchcock, and Clever songs. Although I like them pretty good, playing the Flipper CD reissue does not sound good over the airwaves to me. This band's music was destined for a twice-dubbed cassette tape and cheap Sony Walkman.

artist - song - release (label)

Eno - Golden Hours - Anther Greeen World (E.G.)
Out Hud - Dude, There’s a Little Phrase Called Too Much Information - STREETDAD (Kranky)
Los Crudos - Tierra De Libertad - Split LP w/ Spitboy (Ebullition)
Palais Schumburg - Morgan Wird de Wald Gefegt - s/t (Phonogram)
The Rogers Sisters - I Don’t Want To Have to Live and Die Like a Dog - Purely Evil (TMU)
Nikki Sudden - Chelsea Embankment - The Nikki Sudden Compendum (Sectrety Canadian)

Sonics - The Witch - s/t (Etiquette)
Soulside - In Days to Come - Less Deep Inside Keeps (Sammich/Dischord)
Dahlia Seed - Punch and Get Out - Survived By (TMU)
Black Heart Procession - Why I Stay - Amore Del Tropico (Touch & Go)
Charley Patton - Rattlesnake Blues - Screamin’ and Hollerin the Blues (Revenant)
Flipper - Life - Generic Flipper (Generic Amerrican)

New Bomb Turks - Pretty Lightning - The Night Beforre the Day the Earth Stood Still (Gearhead)
Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction - Start Today (Revelation)
Bill and Will - Going to the River - Pebbles Vol.6 comp (BFD)
Vue - People on the Stairs - Insoud Tour Support 1 comp (Insound)
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train to Vegas - Yank Crime (Swami)
Radon - Welcome Home - We Bare All (No Idea)

Altered States - Bag - New Conservatiw (God Mountains)
Gaunt - Krytonite - Kryptonite (Thrill Jockey)
Robyn Hitchcock - The Bones in the Ground - The Bells of Rhymney (Midnight Music)
The 3D Invisibles - Where Creatures Roam - When Monkeys Were Gods (Tremor)
We Ragazzi - The Ache - The Ache (SSF)
Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone - Parrallel Lines (Crysalis)

Fear - No More Nothing - The Record (Slash)
Dream Syndicate - That’s What You Always Say - s/t EP (Down There)
Ursala and the Androids - The Scream - The Necessary Effect comp (Xeroid)
The Wipers - When it’s Over - Youth of America EP (Park Ave)
Current - Untitles Track - We’ve Lost Beauty comp (File 13)

The Baptist Generals - Jim’s Dead - Void Touching Faster Victuals (Sub Pop)
Iggy and the Stooges - Gimmee Danger - Raw Power (Columbia)
Descendents - Hope - Milo Goes to College (SST)
Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shot Youth Anthem - Shorter, Faster, Louder (Jade Tree)
Vitreous Humor - Science Has No Soul - Posthumus (Crank!)
Clever - Safe - Want Comp Uno comp (Wantage)
U.S. Maple - Open a Rose - Acre Thrills (Drag City)

Raw Power - You Are Fired - Screams From the Gutter After Your Brain (Toxic Shock)
The Lost Sounds - Blackcoats/Whiteface - Rat’s Brains and Microchips (Empty)
The Warlocks - Baby Blue - Phoenix Album (Birdman)
God is My Copilot - Butch Flip - The Best of... (Atavistic)
Nathan Michel - Hosey - abc def (Tigerbeat6)

Brand New Unit - I Know Nothing - Universal Choking Signs comp (Excursion)

Sunday, January 19, 2003

I've always meant to type up some Assfactor 4 lyrics but this guy just beat me to it. In particular, check out the songs from the "Sports" LP.
Songs about their native South Carolina, politics, relationships, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and being in a band with your best friends. It doesn't get any better than this. When are these guys going to get the CD discography treatment? Someone get on it.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 1/15/03 4:00-7:00pm

Captain Beefheart, Madness, Plasmatics, The Dentists, and Jesus Lizard were requests. The people spoke, and they wanted their Stiff Records. Who am I to get in the way? Death to false metal.

artist - song - release (label)

The Celibate Rifles - God Squad - Quintessentially Yours (Hot)
Wolfhounds - I’m Not Like Everybody Else - Shangri-La Tribute to the Kinks comp (Communion)
Pink Floyd - Matilda Mother - Piper at the Gates of Dawn (EMI)
Calla - Don’t Hold Your Breath - Split CD w/ Walkmen (TMU)
Amon Duul II - Flesh-Colored and Anti-Aircraft Alarm - Yeti (Mantra)
Captain Beefheart - Old Fart at Play - Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)

Come - Off to One Side - Eleven:Eleven (Matador)
Abilene - Twisting Triniti - Two Guns, Twin Arows (50,40 or Fight)
Bascom Lamar Lunsford - Mole in the Ground - Classic Mountatin Songs comp (Smithsonian Folkways)
Michael Mantler - Around Me Sits the Night - Silence (Watt)
Lync - Perfect Shot - These are not Fall Colors (K)
Rachael Sweet - Cuckoo Clock - Stiff Sounds Vol. 3 (Stiff)

James Love Jackson - 1,2,3,4 - s/t (Schuykill)
Public Enemy - You’re Gonna Get Yours - Yo! Bumrush the Show (Def Jam)
Madness - It Must Be Love - Wonderful Time Out There (Stiff)
Eater - Room for One - History of Eater Vol.1 (Delorean)
Rat at Rat R - Rape - s/t (Neutral)
The 1985 - Irresistable Fire vs. The Immovable Mass - 7” (Pop Bus)

Plasmatics - Tight Black Pants - New Hope for the Wretched (Stiff)
April March - Kneesocks - Lessons of April March (Ideal)
Spoon - The Way We Get By - Kill the Moonlight (Merge)
Consonant - BlissfuL - s/t (Fenway)
Manowar - Marrch for Revenge - Into Gory Ride (Megaforce)
Quick Fix Kills - Wit’s End - Novel Weapons (Ernest Jennings)

Lftr Pllr - Math is Money - Soft Rock (Self-Starter Foundation)
The Dentists - I Can See You House From Up Here - Pressed (Homestead)
The Drags - Rosalyn - 45x3 (Empty)
Kim Fowley - Love is a Game - Sunset Boulevard (PVC)
Quintron - selection - Drum Buddy (Rhinestone/ Skin Graft)
Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trick - Goat (Touch & Go)

Astrid Oto - two short songs - s/t (No Idea)
Youth Brigade - Care - Something to Believe In comp (BYO)
Christ on a Crutch - North Richland - Crime pays When Pigs Die (NRA)
AM/FM - Gone in Three - The Sky Is the New Ground (Polyvinyl)
Irving Klaw Trio - Earn It - Utek Pahto Mogoi (Road Cone)

Rifle Sport - Pleasant Surprise - White (Ruthless)
Rocket From the Crypt - I Wanna Know What I Wanna Know - Live From Camp X-Ray (Vagrant)
Parker and Lily - 3-Day Life - Here Comes Winter (Manifesto)
Pavement - Cirrca 1762 - Slanted and Enchanted Lux and Redux (Matador)
Chrome - Abstract Nympho - Half Machine Lip Moves (Touch & Go)

The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers - 12” (DFA)

Amon Duul II

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Playlist for Your Saxophone is My Guitar
Aired Wednesday 1/1/03 4:00-7:00pm

First show after I was off last week for Christmas (hope you got to catch some of Jon Solomon's Christmas show, it was great). Mountain Goats was a request. I think the highlights for me were Don Howland, The Contortions, and The Slickee Boys. I've started to think about my favorite 2002 releases, I'll put together a list at some point.

artist - song - release (label)

Kleenex - Do You Mind My Dream - 2xCD (KRS)
Henry Cow - Teenbeat - Legend (Red)
Drive Like Jehu - Super unison - Yank Crime (Interscope)

Don Howland - Desdemona - The Land Beyond the Mountains (Birdman)
Forcefield - Space Dribs - Roggoboggas (Load)
The Mountain Goats - Southern Plantation Road - Tallahasse (4AD)
Michael Hurley - Don’t Treat me Bad - Snockgrass (Rounder)
Country Teasers - Some Hole - Sience Hat, Artistic Cube, Moral Nosebleed Empire (In the Red)
Ruts - Jah War - The Crack (Virgin)

Lftr Pllr - Solid Gold Sole - Soft Rock (SSF)
Abilene - Fellini - Two Guns, Twin Arrows (?)
Amber Inn - Leave With Dignity - All Roads Still Lead Home (Ebullition)
Neko Case - Lady Pilot - Blacklisted (Bloodshot)
Garageland - Nude Star - Lase Exit to Garageland (Flying Nun)
Real Kids - Better be Good - s/t (Red Star)

Chris Leo / Dalek - Infinite Paths - Insound Tour Support compilation (Insound)
Born Against - Riding With Mary - The Rebel Sound of Failure (Vermiform)
Discharge - Protest and Survive - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)
Ikara Colt - At the Lodge - Chat + Business (Epitaph)
Embrace - No More Pain - s/t (Dischord)
Red Monkey - The Converse - Make the Moment (TMU)

Hasil Adkins - We Got a Date - Out to Hunch (Norton)
The Raydios - Irritator - Original Demo Recordings (Screaming Apple)
Avail - Black and Red - Frontporch Stories (Fat)
The Remains - Time of Day - Diddy Wah Diddy (Eva)
Richard Hell + the Voidoids - Time - Destiny (Red Star)
Tom Waits - Knife Chase - Blood Money (Anti)

Zeek Sheck - Milk (and Pumpkins) - Zemag Daeh (Toyo)
The Red + the Black - Plans for Next Year (SSF)
Q and no U - End - No Kill no Beep Beep (Dischord)
Contortions - Designed to Kill - 12” (Arista)
The Slickee Boys - When We Were Kids - Uh Oh...No Breaks (Twin/Tone)
Alkaline Trio - For Your Lungs Only - s/t (Asian Man)

Red Red Meat - Flank - Flank - Jimmywine Majestic (SubPop)
Thee Headcoats - This Wond’rous Day - Hendrix Was Not the Only Musician (SFTRI)
Pikadori - The Lesson - s/t (Hope)
Joan Jett - Bad Reputation - Bad Reputation (Boardwalk)
Huggy Bear - For Insecure Offenders - Weaponry Listens to Love (KRS)

Floodgate - Out There With the Unknown - I Choose Danger 2x7” (No Idea)

Thee Headcoats

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